Commercial Hemp

John Deere DoubleCut Combine DC4510

Harvest and separate fiber, buds & leaves. Commercial hemp includes fibre, seeds and buds for CBD, with the Double Cut combine you can harvest the plant in 1 operation. The harvester has been successfully in operation in Europe, it contains a Draper header for the flower, a Hemper header for the fiber, a Hemp-Cut for drum and is modified to separate the wet/green biomass. 

  1. Stems are cut in pieces of 2 to 3 foot and dropped on the soil
  2. Original Combine Harvester but modified with a Hemp unit
  3. Hemp-Cut, single knive drum
  4. Hemper®️ - Rotary hemp header to harvest Bush-type and Commercial hemp
  5. Height Adjustable draper header to harvest the flower/buds

The complete plant is harvested and separated. The flowers & buds (desired for biomass for CBD) is leaded in the combine to separate the buds/seeds and the leaves. The leaves can be collected at the rear of the combine.

The stems are harvested with the Hemper and cut in pieces by the Hemp-cut drum.

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