Commercial Hemp

Forage Harvester + Single Knife Drum + Hemper® header

Harvest only the fiber. Harvesting commercial hemp for fiber production you need a special desgined Hemp-Cut drum. This is a single knife drum, adjustable speed to cut the crop in different length between 1 & 2 foot. At the moment these drums are only engineered for the Claas 492 self-propelled forage harvesters. When the hemp is straight and green, and low windspeed during harvesting you can cover 4 to 5 acres per hour.

  1. Crop is cut in pieces of 2 to 3 foot and dropped on the soil
  2. Original SPFH but specially prepared for Hemp
  3. Hemp-Cut, single knife drum
  4. Hemper®️ - Rotary hemp header to harvest Bush-type and Commercial hemp
  5. The Hempcut is designed for the Claas 492 series (850/870/890)

The crop is left on the soil for a few weeks to open up. Then it's picked and transported to the fibre plant for the next process step.

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