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Global Equipment LLC, along with European stakeholders in the hemp industry, are dedicated to helping US hemp farmers meet the equipment demands of harvesting hemp.

Our partners have more than 15 years experience in processing and harvesting commercial and high CBD medical hemp. By building proven harvesting solutions, Global Equipment LLC can help increase the efficient production of hemp in the United States.


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We build hemp solutions

Ultimately, there are many factors that influence how to best harvest your hemp:

  1. What type of hemp are you harvesting?
  2. What is the size (height & width) of your crop?
  3. How was it planted?
  4. What part of the hemp plant do you sell? Only the flower, leaves or the stems? Or a combination of the three?
  5. What is your drying process?
  6. Do you “dewater”?
  7. How many acres are you harvesting?
  8. Do you need a short term or long term solution?

With these answers - and our experience - Global Equipment can give you the best advice on the most efficient hemp harvesting process.



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