Kemper 475plus

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    Ex Show Demo - Kemper 475plus, 10 row, big drum rotary corn header, fits to Claas self-propelled forage harvesters. Including: 2 step gearbox, liquid cooled clutch, mechanical pendle frame. The ideal header for harvesting high-yielding maize. The ideal header for harvesting high-yielding maize. With a working width of 22.5ft, the 475plus can harvest up to 10 rows of maize at 2.25ft row spacing. The two, small outer conveying drums, which reliably transfer the maize inwards towards the large drums, are a special feature. When harvesting maize over 12ft, odd row width for example 38 inch, thin stemmed crops and extreme laid crops, the 475plus shows its real ability. Wide range of applications: Maize, sorghum, sunflowers, whole crop silage, oilseed rape, hemp, pampas grass, etc. Two mechanically driven crop dividers for heavily laid crops, height adjustable crop lifters. We can supply also demo & used Kemper 445, 460 and 490 rotary cornheaders. Call us at (712) 722-2180 or online at
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