Medical high CBD Hemp - Bush Type

Forage Harvester + Modified standard Drum + Hemper® header

Harvest the complete crop. Fully mechanical harvest of the Bush-Type hemp is only possible when you harvest the complete plant, the desired bio-mass is basically 360 degrees around the plant.

Disadvantage: The damage of the entire crop that may create CBD Losses, there are many different opinions about this.

Advantage: If your hemp is fresh / green enough you can harvest 3 to 4 acres per hour. Separation of the stems out of the 2-3 inch wet crop is rather easy.

  1. Crop is cut in pieces of 2-3 inch
  2. Original SPFH but specially prepared for Hemp
  3. Original SPFH Drum but modified
  4. Hemper®️ - Rotary hemp header to harvest Bush-type and Commercial hemp
  5. Biomass is all arround the hemp plant
  6. Bush Type Hemp, maximum stem ⌀3" Row independent harvesting possible.

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After the Harvst seperation or the stems is the next step, this can be done in the field with a combine harvester or at the farm with static seperators.




Some farmers decide to use a high pressure baler and wrap it in plastic for conservation. You get more flexibility in your drying process.

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